Issue 06

Aiming For The Best, Unlike The Rest, Meet TWIGGY

A photographer that truly goes the extra mile, is punctual, friendly & gives you a comfortable vibe, is extremely hard to find these days. We introduce TWIGGY @twiggy.jpeg, a young man who recently discovered photography as a result of boredom during the pandemic. 

That being said, so many human beings have hidden talents that go undiscovered for their entire lives, TWIGGY just so happened to find his. What started as taking pictures of cars has quickly gained him attention with a huge catalogue to prove it. 

TWIGGY likes to mention he really enjoys every single project he works on as well as all of his clients, having faith in many of them his goal is simply to highlight them, using his photography. 

Future plans include a consistent grind til most of his time is taken up by photo shoots and ongoing projects, as well as starting cinematic videos, music videos & short films. 

Be sure to follow TWIGGY @twiggy.jpeg to see some amazing photos and keep up with his awesome journey!

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