Issue 05

Tommy Craze

At Capital Heat we tend to highlight artists and creators who reach their goals everyday, but in this issue we would like to bring attention to a man who spends his life highlighting others successes and special moments in a unique and extremely interesting way bringing an unmatched level of energy and editing not found elsewhere on youtube. 

Tommy Craze, Age 25, Is A Polish Youtuber who runs a channel with 2.8M subscribers. With successful video series's such as SONGS THAT SOUND THE SAME, his VS videos where he shows his fans their favourite rappers without autotune, or using AI to get us to hear our favourite rappers whom have passed, tommy is easily our favourite Youtuber and someone we can always count on to drop entertaining videos that keep us in a great mood.

What started as a video messing around with his friends 8 years ago, to entertainment and niche videos, Tommy Craze found himself in the Rap & HipHop sphere and by 2020 Tommy was solidified as a source for entertainment and news in the industry.

We want to send our love our to Tommy for the loss of his brother Lil Loaded whom he used his channel to help blow up earlier last year. We pray for Tommys journey to success! Be sure to follow him on his Official Youtube Channel as well as on his Instagram for the latest news, content & updates!


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