Issue 03

The CEO With A Story To Tell

Proving everyday that you can handle every aspect of your career without a major label or outside help, Jay Honest, born Jordan Poirier Whelan, Age 27, Is easily the most versatile artist we have ever seen. From producing other artists music, to adding the key element to certain beats, those lyrical bursts of energy or being responsible for 12M streams and over 70 publications, Jay is here to show the world the talent he possesses. 

Ready to launch his debut album LETS BE HONEST October 1st, Jay takes his life traumas and pain from the loss of his brother, the battle for his eldest son, and the many trials and tribulations he has been thru on his path to recovery from addictions and homelessness, and set it all on stage for the world to hear. LETS BE HONEST is lining up to be Jay Honest's biggest release to date, answering many questions that his fans have been asking for years.

On top of Vloggin on youtube, filming videos where he speaks with his fans a little more personally & more live content on all platforms, its no wonder Jay is quickly rising as one of the most recognizable Indie artists in Canda. Be sure to follow Jay Honest @iAmJayHonest on his now verified Instagram account, recently hitting 100,000 followers and get ready for his debut October 1st alongside 3 lyric videos for the lead singles 'EMOTIONAL' 'HELP!' and 'WISH' exclusive to his youtube channel.


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